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Why Trust the Chupp Family.

We’re a family owned and operated business. We understand the delicacy of handling the auctioning of your family’s home, land, business or personal belongings. We leverage our 45 years of auctioneering experience and our many more years of running our family, to meet your specific needs.

Have you ever seen one of our Chupps Auction Signs off of a highway or in your town? We work hard to get these signs out in advance of your auction, but that’s not all. We also use the power of the Internet and local media to maximize your auction’s attendance and sales. Here are a few ways we reach to out to auction zips in NE Oklahoma:

  • – We advertise with local newspapers throughout NE Oklahoma.
  • – We advertise on local radio stations throughout NE Oklahoma.
  • – We advertise in local diners, banks, coffee shops and wherever else they’ll allow us to put out a Chupps Auction Company flyer with details about your auction.
  • – We send out weekly email auction updates to our email list of auction zips in NE Oklahoma.
  • – We post about your auction on our Facebook page.
  • – We post your auction on our website.

To be in business for 45+ years, you must be doing something right. We’ve been blessed by the good Lord to be in business, but we’ve also worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the best auction companies in Oklahoma. We’ve helped families maximize their returns on their auction because we’ve got a team of auction experts-real estate, farm, and more.

We’re honest, reliable and respectful of your needs. We’re the Chupp family and we want to manage your auction.

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