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April 4, 2015

Next Month:  May 2, 2015

Located on Hwy 412

9530 S 426 Rd. Inola, OK 74036  

(Between Inola and Chouteau, Oklahoma) 

Need Directions?


***Our Consignment Sale is the FIRST

Saturday of EVERY MONTH!***




Picture by:  Jack & Brenda Tiry


PICTURES taken on Wednesday!

PICTURES taken on Thursday!

PICTURES taken on Friday!


If you are selling something with a TITLE read this:

1.  You must bring your title to the auction when you bring your vehicle(s) to the auction.

2.  The title must be in your name!  No open titles. 

Go to the tag office and have your title transferred to your name or go sign yourself up to

be a used motor vehicle salesman.  No exceptions!

3.  If you choose to PO your vehicle you will incur a $20.00 charge.  You will not get your title back until you pay.

4.  All vehicles need to be consigned on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before the Consignment Sale UNLESS

other arrangements have been made. On Wednesday we open at 10:00 am.  On Thursday and Friday we open at 7:30 am.

5.  If you have a Cherokee Nation Title please bring a copy of your CDIB card (blue card) and driver's license or

bring them with you so we can make a copy. 

6.  Does your title have a lien?  If so, bring your lien release!

7.  Can you find your VIN #?  Can you read your VIN #?  If you can't how can we?  Boats, motors, campers, ect. all have VIN #s!

Familiarize yourself with your VIN for quicker check-in.

8.  If you have questions please call  us @ 918-543-6601.


Please note that each month you must come to the office to get a NEW buyers number-

new buyers numbers are given out each month.


Sellers- you can deduct your buys from your sells IF AND ONLY your buys are less than your sells.

If your buys are more than your sells and you want to pick up your check

on Saturday you MUST stand in both buyer and seller lines!


Need a Bill of Sale?



Consignment Sale Starts

All times are estimates!

Miscellaneous 8:00 am
Animals 8:30 am
Guns 9:00 am
Equipment / Vehicles 11:00 am



Rain or Shine our Sale goes on,.............


On the Wednesday before the Consignment Sale starting @ 10:00 A.M. we ONLY accept, boats,

trailers, motorcycles, tractors, large farm equipment, and vehicles.  All Misc consignments accepted

from 7:30 am until 1 1/2 hours before dark on Thursday and Friday before the auction.

Bring all animals on Saturday morning.

NO unloading after dark!


Consignment Sale

Commission Rates & PO Fees

Effective Jan. 1, 2011

Guns $1 - $250 15%
Guns $250 - UP 10%
Gun PO $10.00
Hay 15%
Chickens 20%
Title PO $20.00
1.00 - 100.00 25%
101.00 - 250.00 20%
251.00 - 2500.00 10%
2501.00 - UP 7%
Max commission per single item $1000
All commission rates are per single item
Minimum commission per lot # $5.00
These commission rates are for Chupps Auction Consignment Sale ONLY!


E.J. Chupp  

Cell: (918) 639-8555

Dale Chupp        Stanley Chupp

(918) 630-0495      (918) 638-1157 


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